Janice Diamond

Take charge of your financial future®

Janice Diamond is far more than a typical Financial Advisor:

  • Independent
  • Available on a per hour basis  
  • Tailors financial services to meet Clients' goals/needs
  • Strong work experience in Finance and Technology 
    • +3 years as Financial Advisor
    • +23 years as a Fixed Income Analyst for an insurance company, money manager, mutual fund company and S&L firm
    • +5 years as a Computer Programmer for P&G and IBM
  • MBA (UCLA-Finance), BA (Northwestern-Computer Studies)
  • Registered Investment Advisor, CFP® professional, Tax Preparer for California

Over the years, Janice Diamond has become known for:

  • Fostering financial knowledge and personalized financial education 
  • Knowing where to invest your next $ based on your financial goals 
  • Analyzing downside scenarios
  • Allocating investments based on indexes and not individual stocks/bonds 
  • Establishing a trading portfolio