Empower Asset Management LLC

Take charge of your financial future®

EMPOWER ASSET MANAGEMENT is a Registered Investment Advisor (licensed in California) and its founder is a CFP® professional.

​Unlike most typical Financial Advisors, Empower Asset Management:

  • Charges an hourly fee with options available for flat fee (financial plans) or monthly rates based on client's preference
  • Sets up client portals (MoneyGuidePro® and Morningstar®) to allow clients full picture of ALL their investments, wherever the assets reside
  • Focuses on clients in the San Francisco Bay Area with personal visits/  virtual meetings, or outside that area with virtual meetings
  • Has NO assets under management.  Clients stay in control of their own assets at all times, at custodian of their choice 
Empower Asset Management empowers its clients to take control of their financial assets:

  • Educating clients on their financial future
  • Organizing key financial documentation and assets
  • Helping clients establish financial budgets/goals 
  • Developing investment solutions to meet goals/plan